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11 travel bag essentials you didn't know you needed featured

11 travel bag essentials you didn’t know you needed

Packing for your travels now that things are starting to open up again? Healthista has rounded-up the best travel bag essentials

sharon barrecore goxo FEATURED

The fitness holiday for culture lovers

If you want a body holiday that offers a culture fix to write home about Gozo’s barre fitness retreat delivers, says Sharon Walker

Got the winter blues_ Try these 7 mood boosters from this new world leading eco-spa FEATURED (2)

Got the winter blues? Try these 7 mood boosters from this world leading eco-spa

This incredible new eco-spa is designed for fast-track relaxation. Here's what Sharon Walker learned on her visit

This St Lucia spa resort will take your life back to basics in the most glorious way FEATURED

This St Lucia spa resort will take your life back to basics in the most glorious way

With its remote beaches and lush greenery, St. Lucia is one of the Caribbean's most naturally beautiful islands. Daniela Fischer's stay at Calabash Cove Resort & Spa?took her back to the basics - the most glorious way

9 ways this wellness retreat will help you beat your burnout FEATURED

Exhausted? 9 ways to beat burnout I learned from this Ibiza wellness retreat

Olivia Hartland-Robbins went to Chaya Yoga Retreats in Ibiza and learnt how to incorporate 'retreat life' into everyday routine?

11 travel essentials FEATURED

11 travel essentials you didn’t even know you needed

From the perfect water bottle to the super-balm that does everything and an emergency energy bar that won't spike your blood sugar, we've hand-picked these for fussy Healthistas

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